I will post my proposal here.
If I finish it, I will delete it. If not, anyone is welcome to finish it instead.

Please inform me through the contact session if anyone turns it into artwork or anything. I will not comment on it unless requested. It will be my most incredible honor to hear something about it.


Tooth marks?anxiety?love? More! More!! More!!!


Every living person deserves a headstone
Not as a memorial but as proof of existence.
It has health status, criminal record, education, and proof of insurance.
If it dies, it’s removed.
In the end, a clock on it tells you what time it is.
There’s also a phone number.


One only protects whatever is humanized.


Screenplay, ‘What Humans Think Robots Do’
First: grow into human form
Second: See with their eyes and communicate by talking
Third: Think they are the most unique in the world
Fourth: Watch animal world shows
Fifth: Putting people into the animal world shows
Sixth: Researching human-sheep hybrids
Seventh: Building a human-sheep factory
Eighth: Human-sheep zoos and human-sheep shows
Ninth: Resisting human-sheep shows
Tenth: Establish an ecological reserve for humans and sheep Introduce chickens, ducks, cows and sheep